Our Philosophy

At Child Care Center, Inc. we believe that infants, toddlers and young children need a safe, comfortable, and developmentally appropriate environment. This would include positive teacher/child interactions, developing peer relationships, emotional, social and cognitive development and meeting the individual curriculum needs of each child.

Children need a comfortable place to grow and learn. We provide a nurturing home-like environment that stimulates each child’s interests to help them grow and develop to their fullest potential.

Our comfortable environment includes a mixture of hard and soft textures and materials (soft pillows and chairs, tumbling mats, dress-up clothes and blankets, hard chairs, tables, and trucks.) We provide a mixture of open spaces (playroom and playground) and closed spaces (quiet reading area and small cubbies). We respect the privacy of each child. Each child has his or her own cot, his or her own space for belongings, and privacy in the bathroom. Comfort also means feeling secure. Security is provided by sensitive and caring teachers that view each child’s needs individually and who teach understanding and acceptance of all children.

At Child Care Center, Inc. we feel that relationships with peers are important. These relationships are as natural and essential for young children as they are for adults. From these relationships children will experience friendship, security, and a sense of belonging.

The curriculum at the Child Care Center, Inc. is developed and geared toward the interests and ages of the children. We provide a rich sensory environment with a lot to look at, touch, hear, taste, smell, try, and learn! We use a hands-on approach where the children learn from doing and trying new things.