Infant Room

Regis and 2 babies Our Infant Room teachers have been teaching at Child Care Center, Inc. for over 20 years! Our experienced teachers are sensitive to each infant's own schedule and needs. All babies are different and our infant room is designed to be flexible and meet the needs of every baby. Our teachers talk to parents daily to ensure a smooth transition from home to CCC, Inc. and back home again. Teachers complete a written daily schdule for each infant, as well as communicating at drop-off and pick-up.

Marie spoon feeding Vincent Feeding is an important time for bonding with infants. We promote different stages of feeding; such as bottle feeding, eating cereal and baby foods, introducing finger foods and finally participating in our food program. We welcome nursing mothers to feed their baby when their work schedule allows them to do so. We have space for storing breast milk and each child has their own space for storing bottles, formula, jar foods, and personal belongings.

Nap Room Our infant room has a "home-like" environment. We have a separate nap room attached to the infant room with full-sized cribs. This provides a quiet sleeping environment for babies. Each infant has a crib assigned to them. Child Care Center, Inc. provides crib sheets that the teachers change and wash daily.

boys doing floor play We understand that infants need a safe and comfortable environment to explore a wide variety of materials. Our teachers provide toys for exploring, taking into consideration different textures, hard and soft materials, shapes, books and learning toys that will stimulate your child's natural curiousity.

Language development is an imporant component of the curriculum. This includes reading books, singing songs, rhyming, talking, and repeating baby's sounds. Our teachers use sign language with the infants to promote and reinforce the use of communication skills.

exersaucers Motor development is also very important for infants. Teachers encourage and provide opportunities for learning to sit up, pull-up, crawl and walk. We have infant climbers, play-mats, exersaucers and many opportunities for tummy time and floor play. We take babies for carriage rides and provide a safe, shaded play space for infants to play and explore outdoors.

Progress reports are completed by the teachers every three months for infants. These reports document your child's growth and development. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled as needed or by parent's request.

*Toys and equipement are washed and sanitized daily, and as they are used throughout the day.